Chick not eating and not walking correctly - Seems to have given up on life (Resolves :) )


May 8, 2015
We have a 3-day old Welsummer chick that has splay leg. We hobbled her with a band-aid last night. She spent the whole night and most of today lying on her belly without making much effort to get up. We changed her band-aid to a hairband and tape that seems to work better. She can stand if we put her on her feet, walk a little, and drink, if aided, but won't eat a thing. Her body temperature has gotten lower and lower. Our other chicks are already crowded under the brooder (we have about 20 chicks) and would just trample her if we put her under there. So instead we put her in our incubator. She's just lying there with her eyes closed seeming to have given up of life. Please help!
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Her temperature has gone back up to normal and she's more animated but she still won't open her eyes or try to walk. I'll try feeding her with a dropper, like you said. I think it'll help.
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