Chick pecked by other chicks

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Mar 3, 2010
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I'm not finding any useful information for first aid for a chick that got a little pecked by the others last night. The chick has a little wound at the base of its neck, is not currently bleeding, but has dried blood on its down that is attracting other pecks. I need a quick first aid solution! So far we have it isolated from the other chicks so the pecking doesn't get worse. Should I clean the down and with what? And should I put triple antibiotic ointment on it?
keep it isolated for now

i would put neosporin with out the pain relife in it, on the boo-boo
other than that, i dont know
good luck!
You can clean the blood off with cotton balls with hydrogen peroxide As a nurse this is what we use and I know my vet does too. Good luck with the babies. :))
Rochester, MA
We use Blu-Kote for our adult roo cause the girls beat him up sometimes...
I just read the bottle and it doesn't say anything about not using it on chicks....The Blu-Kote works great on our roo ! It makes them purple though...oh....Don't get it on you or your clothing cause it doesn't come off...good luck!
I learned this the hardway last week. Nothing like going to work with purple hands
I have a couple hens that are picking on my EE's for some unknown reason. They have been treated with the Blu-Kote and all looks well now.

Just clean the chick up and put neosporin on it. That will help heal and hopefully prevent infection. But get some Blu-Kote to have on hand in your chicken first aid bag.

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