Chick pipped at the pointy end Can it get out?

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  1. OK, confession. These are turkey eggs but the turkey threads are slow and I need to know. It should be interchangable plus hoping there are some turkey people on here. When a chick/poult pips at the narrow end of the egg can it turn properly to zip and hatch? It pipped on day 26 and turkeys go 28. Today is 27 and still no progress. I had another pip after this one and it pipped, zipped and hatched with in a few hours, day 26! Also, is it normal for turkeys to hatch 2 days early? I have had chicks hatch a day early. My incubator temps are right on.
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    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. They usually need help when they pip in the wrong end, but it's hard to know when to help, because you risk breaking blood vessels in the membrane. Personally, if I've got a bird that seems to be having trouble, and another egg pips, zips, and hatches before it's made *any* progress, I will usually step in and help. That's actually exactly my criteria--from the point at which I start to wonder, "Is this one having trouble?" I wait until another one has pipped, zipped, and hatched and then I step in. I'm usually right.

    Good luck. Oh, and I don't know anything about turkeys--only ducks and I'm learning about quail. But don't worry about posting turkey hatching questions here--people often post about things other than chickens--it's about hatching WHATEVER you're hatching. [​IMG]
  3. Thank you. I'ts been pipped for 24 hrs now And its been 12 hours since the first poult hatched. I might pull the egg to see if it's still alive. Maybe do some helping when I get back this after noon if it is.
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