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    Thanks for any advice you can give. I know I need to be patient. I am on day 21 and 2 of my eggs have pipped. One pipped on the bottom of the egg. I know I am not supposed to open the incubator. The membrane of that egg also looks very dry (it pipped overnight and could have been like this for 7 or so hours) - looks white, not clear. Humidity is 65-70%I hear the chick, the egg is moving. This is just my first time incubating and wanted some advice from people who have done this before. Thanks!
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    If the membrane looks white it sounds fine to me. It's the brown and tan colour that you need to look out for. Some that pip the wrong end can hatch themselves. Others need assistance. The above link is a good article on assisted hatching including chicks that pip the wrong end. I wouldn't intervene for at least 12 hours after the initial pip. The chick still needs time to absorb the yolk and blood vessels.
    Have a good read of the article in the meantime it explains everything very well. Good luck :fl
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