Chick poop with potential blood.


May 15, 2011
Eastern Kentucky
So tonight, one of my new 1 week old Golden Comet chicks pooped with a bit of what looked like blood in it. She did it again about an hour later and my husband even noticed. Maybe. Not sure, this would be my first time seeing blood in chicken poop. Not to be too gross about it, but it was gelatinous and not bright red, more like tinged, and only a spot or two in it not the whole thing.

She is eating, drinking, and acting fine. The other Golden Comet chick and Khaki Campbell duckling are fine and not showing any poop issues.

I had tried mashed bananas about 3 days ago, and 2 days ago gave them greek yogurt with mashed blueberries. Nothing but chick starter and fresh water the past 2 days. They are on chick starter from Southern states, I think it's medicated but I'll need to call tomorrow to double check.

How should I approach? Do I wait and see if it continues or worsens? OR do I treat now and ask questions later. These were bought to replace my 2 (1-year old) pet hens that were killed last week by a neighbors dog and I am already attached to them so if it's infectious or dangerous I would like to treat ASAP. I keep reading about CC and the thought gives me fear!
A lot of times when people first see cecal poop they freak out (I did!). Every 10 poops or so, a chick (or chicken) will poop a stinky, sticky poop that looks like melted chocolate sort off. It's normal. Could that be it?
SHEW! Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it. I read about that page earlier but could not find it

Looks like it's just shed intestinal lining. In fact, little chickies poo looked pretty close to the first of the 3 shed intestinal lining pictures.

What a relief!

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