Chick Problems "Pooping"


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I started to notice on a few of my chick the poop has been building up around their butt like its getting stuck ive been pulling it off after it drys on a few of them but end up pulling all their fuzz feathers off and still kinda does it after i do it whats causing this and how can i stop it i dont want my chicks to get clogged uped and die on me.
You will need to soak the poop off, or wash under warm running water, or clean with peroxide. Put some lubricant on the vent after cleaning so it will be easier to clean next time -- Vaseline, vegetable oil, Crisco, most anything. If you check out to the learning center at the top of the page and the FAQ forum you will find a lot of basic information like this.
I've been told that the 2 things that are the biggest cause of this are high temps, and lack of probiotics which they normally get from the hen. Check your temp, and give them some yougert mixed with boiled egg yolk and their regular starter feed. Mine go nuts for that, and it cleared up the pasty butt right away. ..........stan
Biggest cause of pasty butts is stress, usually cold stress. So, keep them just warm enough and you have to clean the butts or they can't poop later on. Add some Apple cider vinegar to the water, 1 tablespoon per gallon and make sure it has 'mother' in it (found at local organic type stores here). That will help settle them too. The probiotics are a great idea, and yogurt is a good source for that. It is usually resolved a few days after they settle in on its own. Good luck. HenZ

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