Chick purchased at Tractor Supply is standing up sleeping.and stays under the Brinsea Echoglow.


11 Years
Apr 26, 2011
I have had it since Saturday.and its eating and drinking.I have been keeping a close eye on them.There are times when it will join in with the rest of his flock mates.but prefers to stay under the echo glow.I do have them in my house.I Have raised peeps before. But it has been several years.

just a concern
Chicken mama.
Thanks. I picked it up this didn't try to run and didn't make a sound. But seemed alert when I talk to it.
Did you dip its beak in water to get it started drinking after bringing it home? If not, it's time to do that.

Next, see if you can tempt it to eat. Is it the only chick you have or are there others? How many? It's important this chick begins to eat or it will continue to lose strength and could reach the point of not being able to eat.

After trying to get it to eat, observe its poops. This is extremely important. You need to know if its sluggish behavior is caused by constipation so you can treat it before it gets too impacted.

So, no, it's not normal for a chick to just hang around in one spot doing nothing but nodding off. In between sleeping, they should be rather active.

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