Chick safety

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11 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Holding and spending time with the chicks. We sit on the floor and the chick climbs from the floor on to our laps. It is ok for it to jump off? My chicks are 1 week old. They are trying to fly. I just don't want to them to get hurt.
When mine are with their moma in the coop; they jump right of the side of the coop ramp. I don't think yours will get hurt.
They are fine to jump. We have had chicks jump out of our loft and not be hurt a bit. The tiny ones have very soft bones, they bend a bit and don't break, just like babies. As they get older, the bones get harder and break easier. chicks weigh like nothing, so no impact on the legs when they jump much. Have you ever seen those baby wood ducks jump out of the nest their mamma built high up in a tree? It is amazing and they just bounce. So cute.

Your chickies will be just fine and it is so cute to watch them learn to fly.


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