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Nov 18, 2010
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Does anyone know a way to sex or come close to sexing black australorp chicks??
Not untill they grow up.
Other methods have to be learned and if done wrong like vent sexing you can harm the chick.
Feather sexing is done when a slow feathering female is bread to a fast fethaering male.
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I have two 11 week old Aussies and I was not able to tell until they grew in their rounded hackle feathers and neither has saddle feathers either. Around week 7 it should be obvious.....good luck
My black australorp was so hard to figure out. Many people on her kept telling me they thought she was a roo, but I kind of doubted and just kept posting pics. They also thought she wasn't a BA because her earlobes weren't red so I went through a period of time when I was researching minorcas, jersey giants, etc. trying to see what I had. At about 16 weeks her earlobes turned red and it was about that time I figured she was a "she". 21 weeks - no eggs yet - but I know she's a girl.

A lot of people though she was a roo because she had long legs, red comb was more developed than some of my other breeds at that age...
I have 5 BA chicks that are 3-4 weeks old. All the females are developing feathers at the same rate and have a decent tail and very small comb. One has an itty bitty tail and a much more pronounced comb and is already doing the whole posturing thing.... pretty darn sure that one is a roo.

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