Chick sexing


8 Years
Apr 8, 2015
I know this is a long shot but is there anyone in the Akron/Cleveland area that knows how to sex chicks? I am either looking to have someone do this for me or to teach me (which is what I prefer). Thanks!
What are you hatching? The chicks in your avatar appear to be wild type, those chicks can usually be sexed at birth by their markings.

BTW vent sexing is an extremely specialized skill, the professionals undergoe months of training, even so 1 or 2% of babies die from the procedure. Many mid-sized hatcheries can't afford to hire vent sexers so they sell unsexed chicks; if it were easy to learn you can be sure they would have.
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Did not know that about vent sexing! I knew it was hard but had no idea it could kill them. With that said I have no interest in learning... not that important.

Yes I knew it was difficult but thought maybe wing sexing would be a little easier. I guess for me it was more out of curiousness. I can keep a couple of roos but not all of them.

The chicks you see in my pic are Easter Eggers, one Rhode Island Red, and Buffs. The ones that I just hatched Sunday (most got sold last night) are Polish, Cochin, Silkies, and Seabrights.
I have never done wing sexing, I thought I read it works better on some breeds than others? Dunno.

Hopefully someone else here can help. Like I said many mid-sized hatcheries can't sex their own chicks (or at least not most varieties) so obviously it is fairly difficult.

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