Chick Shakes Tail From Side to Side - Behavior or Gender?


Aug 22, 2013
S.F Bay Area
Hello All,

I have only found one thread that asks about chicks or chickens shaking their tail feathers. I have two chicks, now almost 6 weeks old, and for a time I was worried that one might be a cockerel. Henrietta, the chick in question, seems to be showing signs of being a pullet, but she also does a tail shake, where she shakes her tail from side to side rapidly.

Does anyone have pullets or cockerels that do this? Is this a characteristic of gender, or just a funny behavior?
I haven't found it to be anything else than cute, funny behavior.
Both my roosters and hens occasionally do it.
They're just wiggling their tails like other birds do, to fix a feather out of place or to show they're content. Definitely not a gender thing, they all do it.

It's funny only one chick does it. She's the same chick that sticks her tail straight up frequently. I'm surprised that I was only able to find one thread about it.

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