Chick stuck in egg


6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Hi guys I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated. I have a chick that pipped about 10.30 yesterday morning and to now she is half way out but appears stuck. Is there anything I can do to help her as I'm concerned its been 24 hrs thanks nikki
I know everyone says Don't Help!! but in a situation like this, where the chick is halfway out but the membrane has dried to its feathers... I'd take it out myself. I had one chick this happened to this past April when I was incubating and I helped it out. Turned out just fine.
Thanks for your advise I am nervous about doing it but I don't want to lose her she's so cute. I might try and chip a little of the shell just to crack a bit more to give her some room hope that works thanks again
You'll need to moisten the membrane, too. When they dry out, they get like paper maché does when it's dry. If it was me, I would just peel the shell all the way off, then wrap a warm, moist washcloth around it until the membrane softens, then peel that off, too.
Thanks for your advice I chipped away the shell just a little bit and tried leaving the membrane and eventually she made it popped out like a gooden. We have now put her in the brooder as she was too lively to leave in the bator. Watching her like a hawk!! I have another one that pipped at 8.30 yesterday morning and only has a small hole, I've chipped at that a bit but it appears drier and the shell is harder than the other one what would you suggest. I'll post pic of Ollie when I work out how to do it thanks heaps for your advice
Thanks for your advice all four chicks hatched yeah, one is a bit frail but hopefully all good
One of mine on my very first hatch ever hatched perfectly fine, whereas the other pipped upside down, then seemed to dry out inside the shell. Gave it almost 24hrs before I intervened and just slowly picked away at the shell every hour or so until I was sure it was ready, just stuck. Didn't see any blood at all, and as soon as she got her little feet out she just plopped out, seemingly very happy! Now resting up. Hopefully she makes it through the night after that difficult start.

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