Chick stuck in membrane....


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
I have a baby chick that was sat naturally with the mother hen, today my husband seen that it had most of its shell pipped and gone but the membrane was completely dry. Right now I have it in a wet, warm wash cloth under a heat lamp. My question is: do I help it out of the membrane or let it do its own thing now that it is moist?
As long as there is no blood when you begin to pull it from the membrane, you can go ahead and pull it out. Do it slowly and gently and soak as you go along. As soon as you see blood in the membrane, stop of a bit and give it a minute. Also stop for a bit if you start pulling out feathers. Keep it moist and be patient.
Thank you! He ended up busting out on his own, I just kept him moist. How long does it usually take for them to begin walking? All of our other chicks happened natural so idk what the whole process after hatching is...
Usually within an hour they are walking. He may be a bit stiff from being cramped up for so long in the dry membrane.

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