Chick suddenly sick, not sure what to do.

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    Mar 3, 2013
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    One of my Roos was a little off this morning, but still eating, drinking, and walking around - just a bit wobbly. i separated him, and later On he was mostly just sitting still, not really eating or drinking. He will eat if I dip his beak into the mash I made for him, but will not get up to eat. Same for drinking. While I was hand feeding, he pooped, but didn't try to get up to do it. It was mostly white, a little liquid, no colors.
    So far, here is what I've done:
    I separated him when I saw he wasn't ok
    Make some chick packs from warm washcloths and plastic bags
    Snuggled him up in a towel and the warm packs ( he can get out if it gets too warm, and I've stayed close to watch him)
    Made some sugar water, which he drank a tiny bit
    Made a mash out of chick starter, some yolk, and some water. He ate a little bit, with help only.
    What should I do? Should I consider culling him? And how do I do that if I need to? I haven't had to cull anybody yet... :-/

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