Chick taking care of younger Chick (broody so young?)


6 Years
Mar 20, 2013
Hello, I had a question... Not so much a broody hen but the act of stepping up and being a mama... can that happen pretty young in hens?

I have two 5 week old SLW's and one 3 week old Khaki Duck and today we just picked up a two day old Pekin Duck. First the chickens were pecking at the baby but now one of my chicks, Gracie, has taken to it like it is her baby. She follows it around... will lay next to it and place her wing over the baby duck and try and pull it near.

I will try to get the photos up when I get a chance... but she has been doing it all day - it really is cute and I was curious if it was just chicks all snuggling or since she is trying to get it under her if she is trying to mother it...
I have seen very young pullets "adopt" chicks and mother them. One of mine even went as far as calling the chick I raised her with when I gave them food! It's not very common, but it does happen. I would love to see pics of yours!
My one rooster will go to any new chicks and start to call them to feed them. He ignores the hen then. He is such a sweetie although not the alpha rooster any more. The photo shows him feeding the little ones. Sorry for the fuzzy photo. I do not think it is clear but the one chick is pulling on his wattle
That is so cute!

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