Chick Temperatures


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Over there
I'm planning on starting my flock this summer, and I'm wondering what the maximum temp. for them is. While our house and garage are relatively cool, the climate in my area can reach 100 degrees in july and August. We are planning to move them outside in late august or early september because it is so warm.
Oh I'm getting BO, Barred Rock, Polish, EE, NH Red, and Australorp hens, if that is helpful.
100 is warm for them, but provide lots of water in different areas, lots of shade, some cool treats and the chicks/chickens should do fine.

Last year we had temps over 105, but our humidity is low. I keep water near or in all the shade areas, water down the shade areas in evening so they cool overnight, freeze fruits and veggies for the birds and and also will run the hose during the hottest part of the day, my chickens like to gather in the water-stream and cool down.

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