Chick Treats


6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
Hi! I am currently raising two chicks. They are one week old, and I would like to begin to give them treats. Is this too young? If so, at what age should I begin giving them treats. Also, an suggestions on the food-items I should be giving them?
Think of them as babies with an immature digestive tract. Stick with baby food until they are a bit older, then you can start adding small amounts of veggies. You can also take them out in the grass for short times and let them footage around.
Bugs when they get a bit older. If they were out with mum she'd be showing them all the best bugs, so a few bugs would be alright. I like mealworms, you can get them live from the pet store. But yeah, wait until they are a bit bigger and make sure you give grit if you're giving treats.
Whatever you do....I am begging you from the bottom of my heart.



They will never give you peace after that lol. I had five of my eight swarming around where I was sitting begging for more. (Little pieces when they're young...and I tend to not give them the skin cause that just makes the little pieces easier)

But yeah. Wait a couple more weeks, give grit or I just have a small dish of sand/rocks they get to partake in...
Can I use the sand in my driveway as grit for my chicks. Mine are 2 1/2 weeks old. Really don't want to by grit from store if I can just use the sand from drive way or up on my hill where cars haven't driven on.

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