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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by beauh, Dec 30, 2012.

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    hello, yestarday I hatched a chick, It as a strange hatch nearly dieing, from falling out of the nest. Anyway I moved the chick to a new cage with its (3 time brooder) mum. I checked on the check at lunch, it was happy. Two hours from now it isgone.

    1. The cage wire is so small, even the day old check coundn't escape.
    2. I live in Australia
    3. It was in broad daylight.
    4. If say a cat would of got into the cage, only about two claws could get in.
    5. The mum is very protective and caring
    6. The baby woundn't of left the nest.
    7. It was defiantly taken, as I found no body.
    The cage is actually quite weird, and no animal can get into the nest box ever.
    89. Is it possible the mum ate the baby...However she is a good mum, would of left toes/beak and woundn't never eat the baby.
    10. Also many chickens were around it, so a big commotion would of been made for foxes.....
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    Yes, the mum could have eaten it. Supposedly this usually happens because the chick died or had something wrong with it -- though I had one broody who I caught in the middle of eating her whole hatch, I think it was 4. I wasn't convinced they all had problems. Needless to say she wasn't allowed to hatch eggs again. [​IMG]
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    But this mum didn't do that with the other 7 chicks it has hatched. It is a belgian d'uccle.

    well the baby was born aqwardly as it fell out of the nest half hatching.
    Ants went over to it and strting to try and kill it.
    I found it squarming with ants, and quickly ripped it out of the shell
    I got off all an ants, and put the chick under three mums ho were sitting togethor.
    The next day i move one mum (the mum) to another cage with a chick. I consantly checked on the chick, it was healthy and cheeping.
    After lunch, i check and then she is gone......Does this help

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