chick walking in circles help


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
varysburg NY
Hi i just hatched my first batch of silkie babies on the fourth and now one of five is not as active as the rest, walks in circles and moves its head in a circular motion a lot. I have no clue what to do... He/she eats and drinks... I have the vitamin electrolyte mix in the water and the medicated feed.... Please help my kids like this one.
pic from when they first went in the brooder... Will add more
It seems to be doing better. Barely walks in circles now, still likes to be by itself and smaller then the others but a little more active not as much as the others tho... Still a little circular head movements here and there...
then when i gthem treats or today their first day out, he/she just kind of stood there while the others loved scratching and eating bugs and fighting over worms and just being chickens... I just hope circles makes it even if i have a special needs chicken

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