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    Mar 29, 2009
    We have 5 chicks, 4 americauna and a rhode island. One of the americaunas, Ruby (who belongs to my 8 year old) continually pecks at the rhode island, CC (who belongs to my 11 year old). We have tried trimming a bit off of her beak, which caused concerns of it's own, but she is still picking away at CC's wings. What can we do? The chicks are in a box that is quite adequate space wise. They have a feeder that has 7 spaces, a big waterer, and pine shavings on the floor. Ruby never picks at the youngest chick, who we got as a replacement for one who died, but she seems facinated with CC's feathers.

    What can we do?
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    Feb 1, 2009
    hi there,

    you could try buying some spectacles. Here is just a website to see what I am talking about. . You could still use it for chicken too. There are different brands and sizes so just do some search on yahoo to find some. Hopefully this helps.
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    You might try chickie prison for a few hours or a day. Separate them for a while, putting Ruby where she cannot get to CC. I'd try to keep them in the brooder but maybe put Ruby under a wire basket of rig up a wire separation. Food and water needs to be available as does heat. That might break the fascination with the feathers. You could keep another chick with Ruby to keep her from being lonely.

    You might try putting a feather duster or something similar to distract her.

    Possibly hang something shiny for them to peck at, again to distract her.

    Just some random thoughts.
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    Mar 23, 2009
    Use a red light in your heat lamp, and I bought black salve at the feed store to put on the injured chikies behind. It is supposed to take away the flesh smell that chickies are drawn to.

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