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    I just wanted to share a happy story.

    I went out to the coop a few weeks ago and noticed that one of the baby chicks wasn't using the left leg at all. It was hopping around on just 1 leg. Now, it wasn't like this the previous day. So I assume that one of the large fowl must have stepped on it or landed on the chick when jumping off the roost. I picked up the chick to inspect the leg and it dangled, swaying in the breeze from the knee down. It couldn't move it at all. Normally I would have thought the worst and assumed it would die. I have had a chick in the past born with a messed up leg and it eventually messed up the good leg by only using that one. But I thought well, it is a week or so old so maybe the good leg will be strong enough to support the chick. Looks like I will have a one legged chick, still seemed to have ciruculation as it wasn't cold or blue.
    So, I was racking my brain to try and think of a good material to use as a chick shoe. I knew that if I splinted the entire leg the chick wouldn't be able to sit down. So a few days past and I was feeling bad about not having done anything for it (but I have a newborn and I work full time so I just didn't have a minute to properly deal with it). So I go out and notice that the chick is now using the knee part, but is walking on the wrong side of the foot, not righting it. Wow, the leg appears I know all I NEED is a shoe to get the foot in the proper position. I named the chick Hop a long Cassidy..just popped into my head.
    so again, I stink and didn't get the shoe made...I just couldn't think what I should use...
    now the chick is using both legs and I can't even tell which chick is hop a long cassidy (except a bald spot on the side of it's head, likely from the insult that caused the leg problem). It corrected the foot on it's own about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks after the injury. It walks normal and scratches just like all the other chicks! So I can't help but think that if I had created the shoe and tried to help I may have hindered it, nature took it's course and I have a normal chick!

    I just thought I would share this little story cause I couldn't believe it either. Thought I would have a one legged chicken forever (and probably rooster since i wouldn't be able to sell it hopping on 1 leg).

    have a good day all!
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