chick with broken leg


9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
I have a chick that looks to have a leg that not only points out and stay's bent. But also looks to be twisted. There were 3 chicks that had trouble hatching and of the 3 this one is the only one still alive and seems to look healthy. The other two died in the first week . This one hatched on Friday Oct. 8. It has been hopping on 1 foot It's entire life, and It sometimes gets trampled is there anything I can do for this little guy???. Also have another chick that is doing awesome , it is a different breed and had no problem's hatching but It's flying around already after only 13 day's, is that normal???? Its feathering out way faster then the BCM chick, but they are the same size , The flying chick is a mix if that mean's anything ? any advice or shared knowledge would be appreciated by this chicken loven newbie . Here are some Pictures mabey someone can help. Click on picture to enlarge.
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As far as your little flyer, that's perfectly normal. Some chicks love to fly around and perch early on, others, not so much so don't worry about him. Also some breeds do feather out more quickly than others. Do you have a picture you can show of this other chick's leg so we can maybe get a better idea of what is going on? Usually when a chick hatches with a leg or foot problem you need to mend it ASAP in order for it to heal correctly or it may be permanent. If the chick doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort it might just be a "special" chick for the rest of its life and may need a little extra TLC. If you post a pic maybe someone can give you more insight.
It looks like your chick's tendon might not be in place correctly based on the leg position-do you see a thick line sticking out on the side of it's leg? This is a great website for chicken podiatry and if you research "slipped tendon" on here you may be able to find some answers/help. Wish I could do more but he seems like an otherwise very healthy looking, beautiful chick which is a plus. Hope you can find something useful and good luck!

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