chick with broken leg

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  1. skittles1

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    Jan 2, 2014
    i have 4 chicks in a box, they are about 16 to 20 days old. all was fine until this morning, it appears the one chick has a broken leg, she is still able to get to the food and water, however it is not pretty.
    any one have an idea on what to do for this poor baby.
    for the life of me i can not figure out what she did to break her leg?

  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
    You can try wrapping it with vet wrap in a normal position, but the chances of getting it to heal normally are not good. It may be best to cull.

    What are you using for litter? Newspaper is slippery and ccan cause them to slip. It could have been injured by another, expecially if they slip on their floor at all.
  3. jillscoop

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    Jul 20, 2012
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    hows she doing? chickens are very resilient. Most bounce back from problems. I have a hen that got her leg stuck in the barn yesterday. When we freed her leg she couldn't walk or even stand. Today shes walking around like nothing happened. She'll be headed back out to genpop soon. If the box is slippery or lined with paper, she may have sprattle legs. Thats when their two legs go out in two different directions. She's kinda old for that. If thats the case you can just tape the legs together with a bandaide leaving about an inch between the two legs for a few days. Line the box with an old towel or straw to give them a non slippery surface. Geese will pull leg muscles at this age and it has to be slipped back into place. Like a dislocated shoulder in humans. I haven't had that happen to a chicken, but I suppose its possible. I had a month old chick that fell trying to fly, and couldn't walk just drug herself around the box, within a few days she was active and limping but okay. Hope your chick gets better.

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