Chick with Broken Toe?

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  1. i have a one-week-old showgirl who was fine until last evening. i saw her walking funny, kinda sideways on her left foot. Picked her up and her toe, the one just to the left of the primary toe, was curled under and there was some blood. Didn't know what to do, so put some neosporin on it. Trying to get into a vet now. But the only one working today is the one i had a lot of problems with when i took my EE Penny in (tons of expensive tests, loads of antibiotics, even when she seemed fine).

    i'm including a close-up picture of the foot. That curled under thing is her toe.

    And then there she is standing in front on the right. See how she's standing on the side of her left foot?

    i was hoping for some advice on possible home treatment. We are beyond broke here, house on the market, living on credit cards. If professional treatment will help her foot and save her from being lame the rest of her life, then so be it. But if i can do something here to help, that would be great. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone might offer.
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    Oh my, well try to straighten it out and tape a popsickle stick or something to it and maybe it might heal right.
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    That looks pretty messed up.

    I would try getting a small piece of duct tape and putting her foot on it flat the way you want it. Then cut most of the extra away. It will end up looking like a duck foot. Keep that on her for a few days. She may need it longer the way her foot looks, but it should straighten out that foot.
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    I agree, tape the foot flat and then after a few days it should straighten out. Good luck.
  5. i've never done anything like this, but will give it a shot. She is so tiny, and that foot is dinky. Maybe it's just that i haven't had babies in months, but these showgirls sure look a lot smaller than regular silkies.

    Thanks for the advice!
  6. Well, i decided to take her into the vet. She cleaned up the foot and found two blood feathers, which she pulled out. She isn't sure if the foot is broken, but it's very swollen. She gave her a shot of an anti-imflammatory, and told me to continue putting neosporin on it everyday. i go back Tuesday, if not improved, and she will put a small stiff fabric brace on the foot to straighten it out.

    Glad i took her in, as i don't think i would have had the courage to pull the blood feathers out of her tiny foot. It was bad enough just listening to the vet do it from waaaaaaaay down the hall.

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