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    I'll add a picture later when I have a chance to take one...

    I have a 5-6 wk old Crevecoeur who has developed a bump on each side of her face. I first noticed the larger one a few days ago (size of a pearl pin head), and now there is a smaller one (size of a regular pin head) on the other side of her head. Or maybe that one was there and I just noticed/focused on the larger one. I can't say for sure.

    They're perfectly round and appear to be under the surface of the skin. The larger one is just behind her eye; the smaller one is above her other eye.

    I've checked them out and they are rather hard, not squishy. I tried to do a search here for similar symptoms but most things I found weren't the same. It doesn't present as dry fowl pox.

    It might be an abcess? But why would s/he have one on each side of her head? If it is, what causes abcesses in chickens? Can I treat it with duramycin or do I have to cut it open and scrape it out? I'm not going to take it to a vet, so if that's the answer, I'll have to do it myself.

    She is currently in an indoor brooder situation with several banty chickens her same size. I treated them with Sulmet two weeks ago because one or two appeared to have symptoms of cocci (dealt with that once before and took no chances), and now they're all fine.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on what this might be.
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    A pic or two would really help, tough to help out without pics.

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