Chick with curly feathers??


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Mar 25, 2017
Hi :)
So I ordered some ameraucana eggs (suppose to be pure bred). And today I noticed one of my now 12 day old chicks has curly wing and tail feathers. Literally the cutest chick ever. She looks exactly the same as all the other ameraucana chicks, except for the curly feathers.
Is she a frizzle? How does the frizzle gene work? Is the frizzle even a breed?


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Sure looks frizzled, if it is it will continue to curl as the feathers grow out. Frizzle isn't a breed so much as a recessive gene that causes the feathers to curl, many different breeds can be frizzle, the more popular are cochins and polish. Generally one parent must be frizzle for it to be there. Definitely share updated pictures as it grows.
Woohoo!!!! How exciting!!!!!! Thanks for the help :) :) I'll post pics as she grows. The breeder says she doesn't have any frizzles, so it's a mystery chicken. Lol! Gotta love shipped eggs.
I once had a pygmy goat give birth to a fainting goat, I though the poor thing had tetanus before I realized it was a fainter, so recessive genes can be carried and appear to show up out of no where. Another example is my fuzzy feathered turkey, which apparently is very rare.

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