Chick with Dislocated Leg/Hip? HELP!


8 Years
Jun 7, 2011
Amaranth Ontario
One of our chicks seems to have dislocated her leg while on an escape. My daughter heard a "pop" sound (cringe!) and now the leg is limp. The soft area, where the hip socket is located, is blue, I assume indicating a bruise. We've gently felt around and she chirps quite loudly, so there is feeling there, and it's obviously sore.

We have NO VET to look after this chicken. Where I live the local vets are pet or large animal doctors, and NO ONE looks after BYC.

Is there anything we can do for her? She is isolated with a few younger chicks at the moment, with food and water. She is able to get up on her good leg and hobble around. I'm not sure we are capable or comfortable with putting the leg back in the socket.

Any ideas???
My chicken has the same problem. This is the second time it has occurred. This time seems worse. I isolated her to protect her. I kept her fed and watered and she slowly got better. Does your hen move her foot and try to grip with it? That's a good sign if she moves it. Good luck My girl does not look very good this time. I'm sad.

New chicken mom here and I believe we're having the same problem with one of our < week old chicks. I have no idea what to do!! Any tips for getting the leg back into place would be greatly appreciated!

She's gripping with the foot and trying to use it, but she ends up just kicking it straight back and either using her wing to balance or falling on her face.

If you can try popping it back in place then tape it up with bandage material for 7-10 days for it to heal a d start to scar down of the joint. It should be veey easy to pop the leg back into the socket but you must be very gentle to not break those tiny fragile bones. Just take the leg just below the hip joint and push up slowly and it should pop back in. If not still tape the leg up with bandage material. Hope this helps.

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