Chick with explosive sounding poop


Sep 24, 2015
Southern California
One of my chicks sounds like it’s farting loudly almost each time it poops. It’s so loud! The poop looks normal and the chick is acting normal. The little bantam guy is very active, eats more than the others, and is the loudest. If I remember right it did have a pasty butt when I got it home from tractor supply yesterday (I think it was this one along with one other but I’m not 100% sure which two they were). All of the chicks butts are now clean and have stayed clean. (Picture is of the explosive pooper in question). Basically is it normal for chicks to poop this loud?
What a darling chick:)

To answer your question...yes. Some chicks (and adults too) do make a louder noise than others when eliminating waste. As long as he's active, eating/drinking, growing and the vent is clear, I would not worry about it.

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