Chick with exposed intestine!


5 Years
Sep 19, 2014
Central West Virginia

Sorry for the quality of the pic, I had to use my phone.
This little chick hatched out with an unabsorbed yolk sac. I put him in the cup and decided to keep a close eye on him and maybe it would absorb, but he managed to wiggle around and bust it. My mom and I carefully sterilized a piercing clap with heat and alcohol and clamped off the busted yolk sack (he was losing blood from it). We tied it off with some sterilized floss. Since he didn't have a yolk for nourishment, I gave him some sugar water. The problem is, he didn't absorb all of his intestine, either!
I wasn't expecting this little guy to make it through the night, but he did and is acting like a normal chick. He's walking, peeping, pecking, and doing everything you'd expect a chick to do, but he has his intestine hanging out!
Is there any way to save this chick?
We decided to cull the chick, the intestines came out even further and he was clearly in a lot of pain...
I have two other chicks with much less severe navel problems. I'm not sure if it's due to them being shipped or my error..

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