chick with hurt leg(please help)


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Feb 22, 2008
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my RIR chick that is a week old has been doing great...until today....i went just a minute ago and looked in the brooder and the chick was just laying there....i picked her up and set her back down and she satrted hopping around on one leg....Is there anything i can do to help?
Not sure what to say. A warm brooder to itself may help if it gets trampled. Any external sign of injury? Does the foot still move?

You'd be surprised how they can hurt themselves. I had a baby roo once lose the tip of his toe because it got caught on the lip of the feeder and it got sliced right off... Grew up and never really had any nail like tissue on that toe.
Hello...I'm new here, but wanted to offer some advice! I had a chick with a broken leg about 3 weeks ago. I confined it to a seperate warm area--and just fed it, and changed it's water. I tried not to handle it too much, so it could have a chance to heal--just petted it and talked calmly to it. Whatever you do, make sure the area is WARM. I think that's one of the most important things. After three weeks, he/she is running around with no problems. Alot of people just automatically put the chick down. I have had chickens with broken legs, hurt legs, attacked by dogs and only had to put one down, that was due to a punctured lung. Good luck in whatever you do!
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If she broke her foot or leg, is it in a position where when healed she won't be able to put weight on it? I'm not able to advise but maybe someone else can about setting it.
She isn't splayed is she? How is she holding the bad leg?
About three weeks ago my horse stepped on one of my chicks. It broke the hock on the right leg (compound fracture where the end of the bone came thru the skin) and also broke the left foot. I couldn't do anything for the foot, but I did use a small amount of vet wrap on the broken leg. I stabilized the break. Sure the chick wasn't able to walk around good, but after awhile it hopped and was able to maneuver around with that leg. It got around fine and laid down with that leg stretched out straight when it was laying under the heat lamp. I had brought the chick into the house and set up a brooder pen to watch & care for it. I took the vet wrap off the leg this week and it is walking on the leg, scratching and everything. True, it still has a profound limp, and the bones of the foot healed crooked, but the chick is walking, eating and pooping just fine. So don't give up on it and take a chance it will heal. Another girl on this board recently had one that also had a broken leg. The broken one eventually sloughed off leaving this chick with only one leg to hop around on.
Hope this helps
I have a cochin when she was a chick that did someting to her leg...not sure if she broke it or dislocated it but she drug it around and I felt so sorry for her and almost took her to the vet. BUt I figured I would give it a couple days and she seemed to get better and now shes fine. I ahve a golden laced Wyandotte hen that did something to her leg a couple months ago and she limps alittle now but shes fine. I have been told that chickens are miraculous healers. Give her a few days and see what happens.

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