Chick with lump near eye. Please help.

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    One of my chicks hatched Feb. 21 suddenly developed an eye problem today. The eye was crusted shut with a small lump above it. I washed it gently, and treated with triple antibiotic ointment. The eye is open now, but still bothering the poor little baby, and the lump is still there. Chick is eating some. Haven't seen it drink. Seems spirited when I pick it up. I've increase the heat lamp a bit. Is there anything I need to be doing that I'm not? Anything I'm doing that I shouldn't be? Here's a photo. Hard to get a close up with my son's little Flip Video, but I think you can see the lump.

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    Here's a second photo. Hope someone knows what this is, and what to do to help.


    Lump is right between the eye and the nostril on its beak.
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    I guess no one wanted to tackle this one, but I do want to report that she seems to be doing okay so far. I have been rubbing Vet RX on her beak, wing feathers, head, and nostrils 3 times a day, as well as dabbing the eye with triple antibiotic ointment. The eye is much improved since yesterday, and I think the lump might be starting to go down. She's eating well now, and running around with the other chicks. Hopefully we're through the worst and her health will continue to improve. Just thought I would report in case someone else experiences this problem in the future. [​IMG]
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    The pic is kinda blurry, but I would guess that it's a tumor. Is it hard or squishy? If it's squishy, it's an abscess that could possibly be drained. If it's hard it's a tumor. Watch its size. If it gets bigger it could interfere with her ability to see. It looks like it's just under the skin though, which is good cause that means if it gets too big it can't hurt the brain.
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    I know this is REALLY late, but is she okay now?

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