Chick with odd looking rump


In the Brooder
7 Years
Mar 4, 2012
Phelan, Calif.
I have 27 chicks in my brooder. Everyone is doing well, they arrived from the hatchery on Monday, no mortaliites, everyone is active/eating.
I have 1 chick that has an odd looking vent. It almost looks prolapsed, but not pink/moist flesh, just regular looking skin. She is having bowel movements, and does not (yet) have pasty butt, although a small bit of feces is clinging to the feathers. It seems to bother her, as she is frequently reaching back to clean the area. I also note that there is small dot of blood on her beak. It seems to be an injury to the beak itself, just below the cere. She is running around and eating and hanging out with everyone else. Not sure if I should intervene, or even what I could do if I did. Ideas?

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