Chick with red butt


May 30, 2017
i have a chick that just hatched a couple of hours ago. It hatched on its own and is chirping and alert. It has a red butt though. How do I know if it is the umbilical cord or what and what do I do. I am very new to this. This is only my second time to hatch. Thanks!
Sorry that I won't be much help. Out of our freshly deliver box, one had a lump under the tail and under the vent. Cleaned it off since it was covered in poop and I thought it was poopy butt and it was red and swollen.

4 days later, looks like an umbilical cord that dried out but hasn't fallen off. The chick is eating and growing, still small relatively speaking, but getting along with others. For that matter, all the Plymouths are smaller than the Buffs and Reds. She is the only one with the lump.
Thanks anyway. I am hoping it is something that will dry up and fall off. It is a happy little chick and very active.
Btw sorry if you see this post twice. This is my first time to post and I did it twice by mistake!

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