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I have a 1.5 week old polish chick that appears to have a swollen vent with a little blood. It is not bleeding much like a drip or anything. The area right above the vent appears swollen about 2x normal. My thought is that perhaps it pasted up a little and pulled the dry paste off which caused it to have a small cut that has swelled and wont heal because she keeps picking at it. The chick appears healthy otherwise.

I there perhaps a condition that I am not aware of as a first time brooder that I should be looking for?

If it is just a cut what type of ointment / treatment should I administer?

Thank you all for your advice.
I can see the blood on the outside, the chick appears to have normal solid poo, I am at work right now so I cant take another good look until this evening. I saw a little blood on some of its poo last night but it appeared to have come off of the external blood spot and not integral with the poo.

The others will occasionally take a pick at it but very rarely, mostly thet get a little interested when they see the chick itself picking at it. It appeared to clear up for a day yesterday, the swelling had gone down and I didnt see the chick picking at it itself, but then it opened back up when I checked last night before bed so I think it might just be a cut that if left alone would heal up pretty fast but I don't know what to put on it that is safe.
Thanks for all the responses. I am by no means an expert at identifying things like this but it appears to be external. What type of symptoms would indicate a possible internal issue? I am assuming it would be some type of abnormal discharge or blood coming out of the vent. I will definatly give it a close inspection when I get home and try to locate some blue kote. I am trying not to be too naive in my diagnosis but if anyone reading this has a concern that I should be checking for something other than what I have described I would be greatful for any constructive criticism or advice
* Well, bruce-- Love your music, BTW-- I was gonna hold off the criticism, but since you asked; DON'T pluck dried pasties off your chickees tender butts anymore-- use some warm water, a drop or 2 of baby shampoo, and maybe a tiny pinch of baking soda. . or baby wipes-- somethin like that, eh??. . .
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Thanks for the advice, I'm not the real boss, just living vicariously through his likeness on the chicken forum.

I admit I am guilty of having had a little trouble getting the pasting off of some of the chicks and have ended up accidentally pulling a few feathers out. None of the ones that had a few pulled feathers ever bled or were picked (I understand this is still not a good solution to the pasting problem) but this chick with the bleeding I never had to clean (honestly). It is a white crested polish of which I have 5 and all 5 of those have not had trouble with pasting (or at least have done a better job of keeping themselves clean). The ones with pasting problems have been my golden laced and silver laced chicks. I have noticed that some of the chicks will pick the pasting off of each other when there is only a small amount and I thought this could have caused the vent problem on the chick in question.

Honestly I am not sure how the bleeding started.

I really appreciate your advice for cleaning options because the wet paper towel that the hatchery suggested just catches the pasting and pulls it. Please don't think I am being negligent with them, I am trying to be as careful with the little guys as possible.
I stopped and got some antipeck and when I got home I made a really close inspection of the chick I have been describing. It turns out it is not a cut or a swelling of the vent but it appears that the chick has a condition that resembles a miniature version of a prolapse (based on what I have seen on other threads) except the area that comes out of its vent is not very large, about the size of the outside top of the vent so when it comes out it looks like the vent has swollen and sometimes has a little blood on it but not much. Is it possible for a 1.5 week old chick to get a prolapse or is this some other type of condition?

Thank you all for your responses

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