Chick with unknown growth

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5 Years
Jan 3, 2017
British Columbia, Canada
Hi Everyone, I recently got my first batch of chicks from a hatchery, 25 little Plymouth Barred Rocks. I was having to deal with some "pasty butt" issues and in checking their vents for cleanliness I notice something different on two of them. It looks like there is something going on with their umbilical cords. (see pictures below). I can't quite tell if its the umbilical cord or not but it looks like a hard, dark red/black ball attached at the belly button. Has anyone had experience with this before? I want to catch it if its serious before anything happens. Luckily it is hidden in the down and on their underside so the other chicks aren't pecking at it. The chicks are still eating and drinking as normal and are not especially sensitive in the area but I thought if there was someone that had seen this before they'd be on BYC. Thanks folks!

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