Chick with weak leg, what can I do?


Dec 3, 2020
Hi all, back again with some questions about my weak little Yellow chick.
Yellow is 10 days old and has had a bit of an iffy leg right from the start. She has a limp and she isn’t developing as well as her siblings, however she eats and drinks well, and attempts to tear around her enclosure fast just like her siblings do. She peeps a lot which I’m worried is pain. On advice of a lovely person on this forum I have been manipulating her leg for a slipped tendon, this hasn’t fixed her but she loves it so gets her ‘chick physio’ a few times a day. On her non-slip matting in her enclosure she limps but her leg doesn’t ‘splay out’, but if she find her way onto a slippy surface her leg does splay out, she doesn’t have the strength to hold it straight like her siblings do.

I’m a new chick mama.. will she always be like this? Anything I can do to help her recover? I’m doing the physio/massage (don’t laugh at me😆), I’ve tried aspirin in the water, I’ve ordered some vitamin B drops. Today I made her a little spraddle leg brace thing but it was disastrous, she peeped loudly and splatted on her front and the it just came off, I can’t see how they ever help spraddle legged chicks 😭 maybe I did it wrong or wasn’t patient or persistent enough.
What about putting her in a yoghurt pot thing for a couple of days? Will it give her time to heal? I’ve tried separating her to convalesce but she cries for her siblings, and none of them are calm enough to put in with her.
So sad for her, please advise x
Yellow having physio and a lovely photo my photographer friend took of her!


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