Chick won't eat or drink and can't stand


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Jun 1, 2011
Help, I am new to the forum and would like advice regarding my little 4 day old English Game bantam chick. Its flock mates are all bantams of various breeds and are doing well, but the bantam game hen cannot stand up, does not want to eat or drink and it is holding its feet strangely. It has been doing this since we got them but I hadn't noticed as they were all not moving around much as they were only a day old. Now that the others are moving around alot it is obvious something is wrong. I have separated it from the others so it doesn't keep getting knocked over and have been giving it drops of electolyte water from a syringe and hoping it will perk up. Is there anything I am missing or should be looking out for with regards to the position of the feet / legs? Any advice would be apreciated. Thanks.
sorry to hear about your chick.. sounds like it won't make it. although in the past I have nurtured and force fed these little babies, they just don't make it.
focus on the healthy ones and be prepared to lose that lil guy.
Hi Andrea--- Sorry to hear about your chick. I just wanted to let you know that it is not unusual when you get day old chicks that on occasion some just won't make it. I had a large shipment from a hatchery earlier this year and I lost 2 of my banties within a few days of receiving them and I also ordered some turkey poults and favorelle pullets from my feed store and I lost two of the Favorelles within 2-4 days. Sometimes the stress of hatching and shipping is too much and perhaps other times there is an unseen problem with the chick and it was never destined to survive. I know it is hard to deal with...especially since this is your first time. Most importantly do not blame yourself!!! It is the way the natural world works... the strongest survive. It sounds like you are doing the best you can


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