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    Thanks for the free avatars![​IMG]

    Question.....we have our chicks in a huge cardboard box (one that a desk came out of) in our dining room. The height of the box is about 30 or 32" tall. Our oldest chick is a black Orpington and is 8 weeks old the other 7 are only 3 weeks old. My question is can they fly out of that box at this age? Also, at what age should they be ok to be outside in the coop? Thanks
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    Yes they can and will fly up, it only takes one to figure it out and there goes the rest. I put deer/bird netting on top for ease (my brooders are always changing sizes), others put a framed screen on there to keep them from roaming around the house. Usually when they are fully feathered you can put them out but with this weird cold snap you may want to wait until the temps are normal for your area first. Before you put them outside (unless you do a brooder in the coop) I would suggest getting them used to no heat and let them outside in a small pen in the warmest part of the day to get used to the temps.
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    Hi there, [​IMG] and welcome to BYC!

    Yes, they can fly quite well as babies. It isn't until the heavy breeds are older that they aren't able to get off the ground as high. Keep them under the heat lamp for 6 weeks and then they can probably go outside as long as you are not in a very deep freeze or a bitter cold snap. You can take the heat lamp out with them for a few weeks and only turn it on at nights or during the day if it is really cold day. You don't have to keep the lamp really close, but just enough heat that they can snuggle in at night if it gets really cold. Use the heat lamp for a few weeks and you can then take it away. Be very careful using heat lamps as they can start fires. Always permenantly attach them to the wall. Do not rely on the clamp only.

    You might also take them outside at 4 or 5 weeks for field trips to get them used to the cooler air. Will help them acclimate better when you do take them outside for good.

    Great to have you aboard and enjoy BYC!
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    Welcome to BYC. It's time for them to be outside even if you have to provide supplemental heat.
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    Hi and :welcome

    Yes - they probably will fly out of the box :lol: We had ours in a box that originally contained a fridge, and out they came. :p

    They should be all right to go outside once they're 6 weeks old. (I've seen this recommended age for winter and no heat supplied.) With a suitable heat lamp, I suppose they can go out whenever, but we always found it better to keep the chickens indoors for the night until they were about 2 months old, indoors for the day until 1 month - no heat needed.

    But it's quite warm here when we get our chicks (20-30 degrees). If you've got cold temperatures you might want to push those dates back a little. :p

    Good luck and enjoy the site :D
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Good luck with your chicks. You've gotten good advice above.
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    [​IMG] Glad you joined us.

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