ChickCam ...Step Too Far? Anyone else have one?

Is chickcam the working Hatcher’s friend?

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Sep 15, 2017
Derbyshire , England
I have eggs in my incubator and whilst I work during the day I worry about the humidity..the temperature ..the dog eating the wire....strangling himself on said wire...generally any catastrophe you can imagine I have thought..
So I bought an app for my at £4.99 and OMG it has changed my life!
I set my iPad near the incubator when I leave and I simply log in on my I’m going to say a couple of times a day..but that’s a big’s more like 172 times a day..
It also Makes my phone vibrate if there’s a loud noise at the alarm on the incubator goes off saying it has no power..
I work peacefully....
Anyone else this chick obsessed whilst at work and has resulted to these tech measures to check on your chicklings?
LOL I haven't seen this one:)

I'm home most days, so just run back and forth checking the incubator, but...I can see where something like this would be beneficial for others that are away.

Even though my coop/run is only about 20ft from my backdoor, I still have a camera in the coop and one in the run-chicken TV:D
Goodness I would never get anything done with cameras and apps! I’m bad enough as it is :oops:

Neat idea though if you can’t be at home all the time to spy ;)
Yes! Especially love the coop cam-I can see who is in the nesting boxes, watch nighttime roosting drama :rolleyes: and do a head count. When the sun in on the wire of the run, it can be hard to see them there, so the run camera comes in handy too.

I have to do this...then I can watch chicks all day at work...and watch my hens all night when home :)

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