chicken 1 Chicken kicker 0

Good thing she was fired and the bird went to a good home
Wow! What a story! Can you imagine having to explain when someone asked you how you lost your job! Uhh...I kicked a ckicken!
I am glad that Chick is going to be ok. Poor thing, she was just free ranging at Sonic!
Did you read some of the comments in support of the kicker? Are those what "trolls" are, or are there really people in the world who are so nasty?
I'll have to go back and read the comments.

Sonic is the one that fired him.

Goes home

Uh, honey I was fired today

She: why?

I kicked a chicken.
My husband would know better than to come home after kicking a chicken! That would get him a boot in his own patoot!

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