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Oct 18, 2012
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I have 10 chickens, 7 weeks old, and ones acting weird and in concerned. This one chicken, she stands in the corner and doesn't move or make noise, while the other chcikens jump all over and make lots of noise. I separated her with just food and water and she just stands there and won't eat or drink. She also lets me pick her up easily without a fuss, I'm concerned, what might be the problem?


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At 8 weeks and under they are at the prime age for coccidiosis.

Classic signs:
won't eat or drink
stands in corner by himself
lethargic with feathers fluffed up as if cold
may or may not have bloody poo
may or may not have bloody diarrhea
may or may not have been placed on dirt yet (can be transferred to brooder by humans)

When my chicks get it I give Corid- it is in the cattle section of the feed store. I give the 9.6% solution, 9.5 ml per gallon of water for 5-7 days, mixing new solution daily. I see improvement within 24 hours. I have had to treat up to the age of 3 months. Older hens can be overwhelmed by cocci too if immunocompromised or exposed to new soil/cocci.

Since Corid (amprolium) is a thiamine blocker, I don't administer vitamins with it.

Since your little one isn't drinking, you may need to dose her orally with a syringe (using the medicated WATER), dribbling ALONGSIDE her beak the solution. She will drink it in once it drips alongside her beak. Don't pour it down her throat or she could keel over dead right before your eyes (aspirate).

You might need to do this several times in a day as you have time. I always treat all the ones exposed to the poo of the sick one, as they eat each others' poo sometimes.

I hope this helps.
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