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    Apr 7, 2016
    I'm fairly new to these strange and interesting birds. In late September of last year one of my uncle's guinea hens brought him some baby chicks. The chicks weren't guineas. She didn't seem to want to continue to care for them so he brought them inside because winter was coming. There were four but one killed two and was on her way to killing the third when I decided to try my hand at raising them. They were about 2 months old when I got them. I named them Ike and tina. Ike turned out to be a hen.I researched like crazy and freaked out over everything and now they are spoiled and giving me eggs each day. I just bought 6 babies last week. They are about 2 weeks old now. I don't work due to a spinal issue and I have time to devote to them. I spoil them and study them and I'm getting to know each baby. I have a favorite. Her name is Ursula. She is tiny and pushy and so far seems to have a very chill personality. I'm interested in anything and everything I can learn about chickens. I have a degree in science with an avid interest in behavior so these girls really fit my style. I'm also very Intent on keeping them healthy. I get attached very easy and I am a helicopter mom to my pets. I'm sure I will be asking a few questions on this forum.
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    Sounds like you are the perfect person to nurture them. You may want to check out the "raising backyard chickens" forum - the menu opens to the right, you will find advice on raising chicks. The Learning Center is also chock full of good information on poultry and should answer many of your questions.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC - glad that you have joined us.

    The Learning Centre is a great resource, even for experienced poultry keepers - loads of info on anything poultry.

    You may wish to consider joining your state thread as it will put you in touch with other BYC members in your area - just type the name of your state in the search box.

    All the best
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    Apr 7, 2016
    Thank you. I will be checking out all the forums!
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)

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