Chicken Aprons/Saddles for sale


ChowDown Silkie Farm
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
I have several styles to choose from. I can also personalize with your hen's name or a saying you would like for her to proudly show off. They are washable and the names/words will not wash off. I have medium and large. The price above is for 1 shipped. If you need more just PM me and i'll give you a price. The price per apron is firm. Below are some pics.
The aprons in the pics below have been surged a the edges. If you would like yours sewn and turned in please specify. Also if you would like it/them personalized, please specify. There is an extra charge of $2.00 for "Special Orders"
I don't concider requesting certain colors Special Order Just on how you want them made and the writing on them.
Order 12 or more and get an extra as a bonus. Postage for up to 15 aprons is $5.00.

Fantasy /w denim back (2 available)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
black with white spots /w denim back (2 available)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
Western / brown poly blend back (4 available)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
Plaid /w blue ticking back (4 available)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
Just Laid /w denim backing (2 available)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
Get Off /w denim backing ( 2 available 1 blue and 1 yellow)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
Eggcellent Layer /w denim backing (3 available all blue)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02
Dark green Floral / w denim backing 3 available)

By emvickrey at 2010-08-02

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