chicken ate copperhead


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Hi, I am a new member but long time reader. One of my hens just ate a baby copperhead, is this potentially harmful to her? Thanks for any info.
I have seen my flock of chickens and geese thru the years eat numerous vermin and snakes and they don't blink an eye when they gobble up the goodies.
Thanks for the welcome and the feedback! Glad to know there is no danger to my hen. She did not seem to have any issue with consuming the snake, except for out running me and the other birds to get a chance to eat in peace. She is the largest Orpington we have. I was pretty amazed watching her!
Though there are many species of venomous snakes, there are no poisonous snakes. Venom is injected, while poison is ingested (eaten/drunk). Unless a snake manages to bite a bird before the snake is eaten, you're all good.
Laigie, do you own snakes, lol i keep them and thats the first thing, i though of when i read, this but many people argue or dont care, no offense to the OP, alot of people were raised saying poisoness and will die saying it.

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