Chicken Attack


7 Years
Feb 21, 2012
A predator got one of our 2 month old pullets last night and ripped the wing off of another. Can a chicken survive without a wing?
Yes. Get some Pen G at the feed store and start injections to stave off infection. Birds can survive quite nicely with just one wing. Keep the wound clean and the bird separated from the rest of the flock to allow for healing and rest. Increase the bird's protein intake to aid in healing, but don't be surprised if the bird won't eat for the first several days after the injury.
Thanks for the feedback. Have our scared little buff orpington isolated in a lexan in our guest bathroom with a gentle heat lamp :), put Neosporin on the ripped skin, cleaned and wrapped her entire body, gave her some gatorade but have just returned from store with Pedialyte, bandages and an liquid antibiotic from the feed store. She is quite shocked yet but did go potty so I hear that is good. Our wonderful little Silver Laced Wyandotte is gone (of course she was our daughters favorite) and we just noticed the 3rd chick, a RIR, has a laceration on her neck. Must get busy and clean her up. She is all alone now so may bring her into heal next to her friend in the bathroom.
Good idea! Chickens heal much better and faster with a friend nearby to convalesce with them.

The antibiotic really needs to be Pen G injectable. The antibiotics that are added to the water are not going to be strong enough to combat any nasties that may have gotten into the wound from the attack. Because there are bones involved, there is the chance that an infection could get into the bone. This is generally fatal if this happens. It is even hard to combat in humans, so a chicken doesn't really stand much of chance should an infection take hold.

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