chicken attack


7 Years
Aug 25, 2012
Buck Creek IN
My hen got attacked by one of my other hens I brought her in and washed some of the blood off her face she's going to spend a few day inside tell she gets better there something wrong with her and will the other chickens attack each other???? Please help me I don't know what to do and its makeing me upset
Chicken sometimes start attacking each other and that is good you separated her to heal as chicken can go cannibalistic quite quickly. You need to spend some time observing your hens to see who is trouble. Also, check all of your other hens for bald spots and pecks (usually the ones lowest in the pecking order). It may be an isolated incident but I would use pick stop lotion you can pick up at your local poultry supplies store on all of them just in case.
i found the one causeing the trouble what should i do with because i dont want to get rid of but i also dont want the other chickens getting hurt..... all my chickens grow up together but my bantam they free range but its getting colder so there staying in the coop/run now would space be a problem or are they good? (theres enogh space for all 26 chicken and there all hens)

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