Chicken attacked, 2 punctures, poss broken leg

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    Jul 25, 2013
    I found her outside on the lawn with a bunch of feathers around her. She has one small tear skin deep that I was easily able to clean with hydrogenperoxcide, superglue shut, and cover in blue coat. The other is latterally across her saddle 1 1/2 in long right above her pope's nose(Sorry it's what my grandma calls it) . I was able to clean it with hp, but when trying to glue stich it shut, she struggled and suddenly had an air sac showing out of the wound? As I couldn't get it back in and had no clue what it could be, I popped and re-cleaned everything. I was only able to glue stich have the wound, as there is missing skin that prevent the joining of the two sides. I did the best I could and covered it all with blue coat. Any ideas what the "sac" is or what else I could do to save her?
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    I'm not an expert here, but chickens' lungs don't inflate like ours, but the air goes through lungs into air sacs all over the body and into bones too. This is what makes it easy for birds to fly. It also makes it easy for disease to spread all over. Sometimes when chickens are injured, they can literally "blow up" before your eyes. The wound obviously is over one of these air sacs. I don't know what I am doing here, but I would try to put something over this part of the wound maybe covered with neosporin ointment to form a bit of a cover so that the air doesn't seep out around it. I would put some gentle pressure on it for a bit, and see if it seals off or the air re-accumulates. If anyone else with more experience wants to chime in please feel free.
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