Chicken attacked by Ants


8 Years
May 30, 2011
We had a chicken attacked by fire ants this weekend. Located her, rinsed her off for 20 minutes, and again the next morning. The ants seem to be out of her feathers, but it appears as though she has many bites around the eyes and they have swollen shut. She has been isolated for the last 3 days. She is lethargic and eating nothing and only drinking a little. Not moving around because of the blindness either.
Any suggestions?
Keep her hydrated and give her some pick-me-ups like sugar water. The ant venom must have did a number on her... Poor thing. maybe some Neosporin on her exposed skin.
aww, poor thing... you may want to put your fingers in ice water and then put it on the spots where she is hurting a lot, when i got bitten by a fire ant it hurt like mental, and the cold helped, i doubt you can use an ice pack on the chicken!
im so sorry i hope she gets better!
Spray around coop and run with termidor sc. Its kinda pricey but it will put it on ants. I had some ant problems and purchased some to be rid of fireants and carpenter ants after nothing else would work. termidor will wipe them out.
You can give her about 1 cc (more can be given but this amount works well) of Children's Benadryl to counter the reaction to the venom. It may be a bit late for that now but it will make her more comfortable and help her sleep.

Gatoraid will keep her hydrated as well as give her a boost which should increase her appetite. She may find scrambled egg with a bit of yogurt more appealing than just regular feed plus it is high in protein.

Polysporin can safely be used in and around the eyes to prevent infection.

Good luck and

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