Chicken attacked by cat, now not eating but drinking LOTS! and standing still


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Oct 18, 2021
One of my goldlines was attacked Wednesday afternoon by a cat. I ran out when I heard a lot of noise and saw the cat jumping over a fence. One of my hens who happens to be the most inquisitive and normally runs towards me i couldn't find. I eventually found her in a bush, just standing still, no feathers missing or any lying around so I didn't think the cat really got hold of her and there were no injuries that I could see. I coaxed her back into the run with mealworm (her fav treat) she was eating fine and closer inspection no injuries seen. After eating though she went and stood in a corner. In the evening I had to go in and put her on the roost bar!

Thursday morning she was down and moving slowly and stiffly in the run, saw her drinking and she had a few pecks of pellets(not much) she then went into the nest box and was there for a couple of hours. No egg laid. She did a little bit of scratching around but stood still a lot but at least eating and drinking a little and she went up to roost on her own. I thought she was just in shock maybe. Same story on Friday but then on Saturday she wasn't interested in her fav treat food and looked more puffed up and was spending a lot of time sitting on perches in the run. Sunday she spent all day standing in front of the auto water dispenser and I didn't see her move from the spot all day and she was always taking gulps of water. Picked her up in the evening and her crop felt full and squishy and breath a little bad so I thought maybe sour crop along with shock... Monday morning(today) picked her up and her crop felt flat no squishy lump. Was it just all the water she had yesterday making her crop feel squishy the day before?

Her poop isn't normal. No solids. Its liquid clear with pale yellow and white and its just small squirts every now and then. Pic attached. It's normally a little yellower than this when fresh but not bright yellow. Will try and get a fresh poop pic..

She looks very depressed and no interest in anything other than drinking water and she's just standing in the same spot. She hasn't laid an egg since Wednesday morning. I know chickens can get depressed after a shock but worried i haven't seen her eat since for at least a day. Any ideas what might be wrong with her?


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