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Chicken Attacked by Raccoon

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by OlyChickenGuy, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. OlyChickenGuy

    OlyChickenGuy Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 5, 2010
    Olympia, Washington
    I just moved and ended up at a new place that has been intending on getting chickens but has not yet made accommodations for them. I have five pet chickens and have been letting them free range in the front where they stay fairly close to the front door. Just today a raccoon tried to take off with one of my sweet girls. Here's the description from the YouTube video which can be found here :

    "Several hours after Eddie was attacked by a raccoon, and everyone was brought inside for the night ( they sleep in a kennel with a soft blanket bottom in my room as temporary lodgings ), Bo ( my rooster ) stumbled over her while trying to get comfy for the night, startling her, and she started making a strange honking noise. During my initial physical exam I only found wounds on her left wing ( which I check near the end of the video ), and still that's the only place I can find any external wounds. I used the stethoscope around my neck to check her breathing when she's not honking, and her respiration sounds fine.

    Eddie naturally has a funny voice - she's had a different voice since she was a baby, and honestly has never sounded much like a chicken. She's over a year old and not laying - her cloaca hasn't even started to look like it's developing and her comb is still pink. She's a healthy weight and just generally unusual - I'm suspecting that she might be infertile or a hermaphrodite - neither of which are incredibly rare for chickens.

    The raccoon came out today and watched the chickens. A house mate shot at it and it ducked away. I chased the bugger off several times and then it just leapt out of the bushes, grabbed Eddie, and started biting and shaking her. One of the house mates and myself ran out of the door and chased the raccoon into the forest until it eventually abandon her.

    I am wondering if this is just stress and if she'll get better. When I shined a flash light down her trachea everything looked normal. She's currently NOT honking and sleeping on my belly, but if I move her or startle her she'll start honking again.

    Another chicken I have, Faust, caught on fire when she was a baby and she suffered smoke inhalation. She wheezed for several weeks afterward but eventually got better. I wonder if Eddie will follow the same path.

    I JUST moved and my box of medical supplies has gone missing, so I'm extremely short on supplies. I'm just sitting with her and loving her right now, and she's fast asleep. I pray that she will be okay.

    Also you can see throughout the video that she's still bright-eyed and curious. She's behaving normally other than the honking / wheezing and being a little more clingy than usual... which is understandable since she was attacked by a raccoon and is quite understandably upset by that."

    In unrelated news, I posted awhile ago about my sickly rooster suffering from sour crop and a rash on his face. I am happy to report that today he has some scabs on his face but otherwise is 100% better! He's not behaving fearfully of me, he's not scratching his face much anymore, he's eating and drinking just fine, no more gurgling and falling off his perch at night... he's spectacular!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
  2. tammye

    tammye Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 22, 2010
    I wonder if she is scared and when you startle her that is her reaction, not sure just a quess. I would keep her in a SAFE and calm area for a few days, I bet she will be fine, make sure she is drinking and eating. I know you already know this but you must get a secure coop built sooner rather than later. And that coon will be back, he now knows of a food source and that my friend is your chickens. You may have to trap him, I am for the live traps and rehoming of animals, he is only doing what he needs to survive too. No more free ranging until that coon is gone
  3. OlyChickenGuy

    OlyChickenGuy Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 5, 2010
    Olympia, Washington
    My chickens are indoor pets for the most part, so they have safe places and for the most part they spend time with me. Live traps are not an option since a condition the landlord has for people living on this property is that all of the natural wildlife stay put and coexist with whatever goes on on the property.

    Eddie has never made that honking / wheezing noise before, and I handle my chickens a lot. Her unhappy or nervous noises are much different and they don't coincide with her breathing patterns like that does.

    The good news is that we made it through the night, and everyone seems to be okay. Eddie's peeking out at me from her sleepy area, alert and curious as ever.

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